first person action adventure


Pathways into Darkness is a recreation of Bungie's 1993 title of the same name.

Pathways into Darkness (referred to from now as PiD) runs on a built-from-scratch game engine that uses the original game's data files to ensure authenticity of the recreation.

I drew off existing research performed by several individuals from the message boards. Where the research was left unclear I performed my own either by playing the original game or disassembling the original game.



Classic Mode Demo

GearVR Mode Demo

Ray Tracing Overview

This video shows the first person and top-down views of the A1 Demo level "Pathways into Darkness".

The red line represents the player's current direction.

The yellow lines represent traced rays which are used to determine the areas of the map are visible to the player's flashlight. Iif a monster can see the flashlight, the monster becomes active.

(The "mesusa" cheat was active during this video. Any monster that could see the player's flashlight would turn to stone).

AI Overview

This video shows how the ray tracing shown in the "Ray Tracing Overview" gives hints the monster\pathfinding system.

Squares that are purple are currently touched by the flashlight. If a monster is next to or within a purple square it begins hunting the player.

Early VR tests

PiD v2 Gameplay

This video shows a small snippet of the PiD gameplay on the level "Never Stop Firing".

A1 Demo Gameplay

This video shows a small snippet of the PiD gameplay on the level "Witness Total Carnage".