half-life reimagined


Black Mesa is a reimagining of Valve's 1998 shooter Half-Life created on the Source Engine.

I joined the Black Mesa team in late 2013. My main responsibilities were bug fixes and engine extensions, with the most notable being the multiplayer character customisation system (video below) that allows players to customise their model type, colour scheme (can select primary, secondary and tertiary colours) and facial features. This involved creating a file format specification (to save and load customisations), transmitting the customisation data from client to server, and extending the pixel shader to modulate the primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

Between code lock and the release date, I also worked on two multiplayer maps: dm_rocketfire and dm_office. Both maps have been very well received by the Black Mesa userbase.



Official Trailers

Player customisation

Text FAMGUY1 illustrates why jumping off rockets is a bad idea...